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Love :   "I Love You Brother"
I saw these words when I opened  my text message  mail
I  had Just finished reading a passage in the bible, not a fairy tail

Love your neighbor as your self is what we have been commanded
Then I opened your mail and " wham" feelings of rejection where abandoned

Simple words with great meaning compel me to send you this  message as well
"I love you too sister!"  Thanks for sharing the greatest words  that you could ever  tell
Friends: Would You Care To Share
Would you care to share, during a walk in the park
I'll try to make it, a little after dark

There is a storm in the atmosphere, so just make your plans
If it works out, I'll be there as soon as I can

Why is Ted calling me, should I answer the phone
I know his heart is broken too, he is probably feeling alone

Cindy is heart broken tonight and shouldn't be abandoned
Well, lets just all go to the park, cause Jordan  is stranded

"No"!, is a complete sentence, the circle is not clear
This is something we will laugh about for many years

I prayed just two days ago, because I was feeling lonely
Four friends came my way, when I had made plans with one only
Greatest Love:
Singleness Of Heart

Singleness of heart is what I have in mind
I want Jesus to be my all, all of the time

Undivided purpose, with desires for none other
Keeping all relations, safe as  sisters and brothers

Having eyes for you, Jesus, only
Staying close to you keeps me from being lonely

Seek ye first the kingdom of God, love him with all your heart soul and mind
Romantic Rhyme
I Saw Something Special In Her Eyes

I saw something special in her eyes,
Today was different than the others
It really caught me by surprise.

When our eyes met like many times before
This time there was something different
I can't explain it, but it was special for sure

I had an attraction like never before
It was totally unexpected
As soon as she came in the door.

With this moment came a prayful  urge
I quickly said, "Lord is this the one"
If so, speak to me with your words

He didn't reply

Sad Story: just got the news that ,Gary a long time and once very  close friend ,  hung himself last night. I am very sad...

Gary Will be Missed 12-3-06

Gary will be missed but there are others to follow
We touch one today and many more   tomorrow

Never giving up because one just couldn't get it
Passing Gods  fire that  burns  to  all  who will let it

Never  looking back with regret about yesterdays
Because we do our best in every situation everyday

Gary I'm going to miss you I hope to see you  again
Good bye buddy you were an amazing friend.
I am tired but wide awake and I don't know what to do
So I decided to write a special  poem for you
        "A special poem for you :)"
Prayer For Youth
Prayer For Youth
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Prayer For Youth
We care about you!

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