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These free short teen devotions were written using bible lessons taught by the Holy Spirit. They will inspire you do get closer to God. These Youth devotionals  are sent to email addresses daily. So every morning you can start your day with the Lord.  In just seconds, you can sign up for short teachings about biblical truths and join the thousands of other youth who are learning daily from these teachings. Teenagers love these Christian lessons for youth.
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Prayer For Youth has free teen devotions that we will  email to you every day. Teenagers, with our help,  your Christian Bible reading will become more disciplined. A short youth devotional a day   will teach you  life lessons fom the bible. We have topics like, More Joy, The Future, Give It To God, Frustration, Over Coming Temptation, and of course many others. They are short in content, but full of spiritual truth and have been inspired by the Holy Spirit's leading. Devotion on Love
We know you will enjoy the anointed lessons from the bible as much as we have enjoyed writing them. It only takes a moment to sign-up for these free  bible lessons to begin receiving them daily in your email.  We believe they will inspire you to go deeper with God. These short teachings are great for the Christian family or youth group. Start your morning with a teaching from God's word, a moment invested in the morning could change the intire direction of your day. Jesus told his disiples that they were clean because of the words he had spoken. First thing I like to do in the morning is to read Gods word and be cleansed.
Sample Bible Lessons
1- Kindness
2- Frustration
3- Seeking God
4- Boldness
5- Forgivness


Sun Shine
Being in college it gets really hectic during the day...but checking my e-mail and spending a few minutes just reading these devotionals really puts it all into perspective.  It's a blessing.

I am Robert and am 20 years old. I serve as youth and children minister at Locust Grove BC in Cadiz, KY. I love these devotions not only do I use these for myself but also for the youth. When I worked with First Priority at a school nearby I would forward these to the kids so that they may be uplifted as well. The devotions are amazing. Thank you.

I belong to the Ellen Moore United Methodist Church Youth Alive! program. I am the secretary/treasurer. Also, I am involved in our church's puppet ministry and after school program. I get your e-mails every day and use them for devotions at Youth Alive! They are very handy in spreading God's word. Thank you very much!- Teia D.

I receive your daily emails so I can pass them on to my 11 yr old son.  We homeschool and I want him to start the day with scripture.  I allow him to do this on line by reading your devotional every morning.  In our high tech world,  this has made it more appealing to him.  Thank you for the consistent simple message of the gospel made available to our youth through Prayer For Youth.  Keep up the good work!

"i want to say thanks for these devotions. sometimes it's exactly what i'm going through. like god is giving me a personal talk and message. keep doing it!!!!! "

"Thanks for all you've done.
God Blesss! :] "

"Very often I get just what I need to help me  stay close to God for that day"

"I have experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit while reading them"

"I have been worshiping and praising God more since I started the daily devotionals"

"My relationship with God is getting stronger "

"I am a pastor and have shared these lessons with our young people. It has been an encouragement to me to see the dedication that you have to the Lord and His work."

"My husband is a youth pastor in SC.  I direct our Youth Dance & Drama Team & after our practices we have a time of devotion & prayer along with a prayer & devotion journal for the week to follow.  I use these devotions alot for that purpose as well.  My husband has truly enjoyed them too.  Keep up what you're doing, because you ARE making an IMPACT on today's youth.  God Bless You Pastor Jordy!"

"Since joining this  group i have had things change in my life for God's glory. Through ur lessons u have helped me grow closer 2 God! Thanks 4 all u do! "

"These youth lessons are very helpful. Sometimes when I come home tired(spiritually) from a long day, I check the
devotional, and it is  like a solution recorded for the problem I was facing that day. God has been showing me alot of lessons that I am learning from reading
these little spiritual guidlines and am looking forward to
read these devotionals in the future."

Free devotions for teenagers -Youth  Bible lessons
Here is what some  of our readers commented about a teaching that we call Important Things

I love this devotion! I am 27 years old. I signed up for this daily devotion mainly for my niece. Don't ever feel that because grown ups are always pushing you towards things of Christ, that they are expecting too much of you. We do it because we love and care for you, and we want only the best for your life and future.
Christian Lessons

Teen Devotions...Bible Lessons...Youth Devotionals

Do you have a vision? Write it down and set some goals. That's what we did when we started this website which now emails thousands of daily teen devotions all over the world.  The testimonies come in on a regular basis from youth telling us thank you for providing them with short devotions that help strengthen their relationship with God. These Bible lessons about Jesus, the Holy Spirit, God and having a relationship with the creator of the universe, were inspired by the Lord. We took his ideas and put our faith to work. We started writing five lessons at a time with one of the main goals being, keep them short and to the point. The reason for this is to allow the reader to have a personal experience with what God is saying to them through the scripture and a small paragraph or two about how it relates to our every day lives.

Greetings from Espanola. I just wanted to say that even though I  am not a youth or if you want to say a 49 year old youth that really enjoys youth daily devotion. I believe that we need to immerse ourselves in God’s word. I really appreciate the application that helps. That I think is one of the hardest thing for a Christian is the application, Thank You and God Bless  

I just want to say THANK YOU for doing these devotionals.
God REALLY uses you guys ALOT to speak to me and i'm sure maaany other people.
Everyday, when i wake up, and right before leaving for school, i open up my laptop and check these emails and God always has something for me through you guys!!


"These are such a good pick me up in the middle of the day, I love them. The only thing is sometimes they are super short and its kinda disappointing lol but i really appreciate you guys and may god really bless you! "

"I am thrilled that you post the daily teachings. Often times I am finding in the them exactly what I've been waiting to hear from God, like He's speaking through the devotionals. I write some of the verses down on a piece of paper and post it once a week on the  wall in my room. Thank you so much for posting these bible lessons."

God Bless!

Hey.. I'm Nessa. I've been getting the Prayer for Youth devotionals since summer. My friend introduced them to me, saying that I had to check them out. 
I've found it funny that it seems the devotionals always pertain to something that I'd been struggling with that day, since I check them after school every day.
Like... for example, today I had trouble with soccer practice. You see.. I have a problem with low self confidence.. and it was getting better, but today I just felt like I was doing nothing right and I was horrible at practice and I just felt useless to the team.. but then I get on my computer and it's the devotional about being special, and about how we all are a part of the body of Christ. It just lifted me up and I'm so thankful for you guys.

Your devotions are so valuable!  Every time I read them I am so blessed and encouraged by your wisdom. Your understanding of Jesus rings true with your devotions.

Nu Kong
I really appreciate all of your online devotions. They are always filled with God's truth, God's words and they have always encouraged me when I get a chance to read them.

I really enjoy your daily lessons and I posted them on our church's Facebook page daily

This has helped me with my youth group for some time now and I honestly can see the changes that God is making in their lives.. Keep up the great work! 

Just wanted to let you know that your devotionals are sooo good!! It's soo amazing how God works, because the devotional you send is either, just what i need that day, is an answer to prayer, or is God working wonders! :) Thank you so much for what you do!
Until the whole world hears,
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I think that if God also makes what is important to us, important to Him. If you have a passion for art or playing music, for an example, if that's something that's important to you, it will be something that is important to God. I think it works both ways.
This is an amazing thing, teenagers from all over the world are signing up to receive our  Christian Bible lessons. We email them daily. Occasionally we get responses back testifying of how these devotions for youth were  perfectly suited for a particular situation in someone's life. These are anointed by God and were written through the revelation power of the Holy Spirit.
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