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The main focus of this ministry is prayer for teens.  Prayer requests are read in their entirety and special petitions are made in relation to each individuals requests. The girls prayer requests are handled by a woman and the boys by a man.  It  is not a requirement to use a name or email address when you are  asking us to pray for you.  This  makes prayer for youth a safe place to share your personal problems  anonymously.  If you would like a response from your prayer partner you are given the option to send  in your  email address.  We don't put your request in a pile and say a general prayer for teens that covers them all.  We will pray for your individual requests directing our attention to the details. 
This site is dedicated to prayer for teenagers. This is  so amazing to me to be involved in a worldwide ministry that is reaching out  to teenagers, kids and  youth daily around the world. Every  week  there are prayer  requests for teens that revolve around  so many  of life's challenges. Teens are expressing their need for prayer with relational difficulties, issues with abuse, cutting, suicide, drug and alcohol problems, sexual challenges, requests  concerning family  break ups, illnesses, youth groups and the list goes on and on. Each prayer request is read completely, and prayed for as an individual  petition  to God, for their specific needs and concerns.  Youth have the option to submit  their e mail address,  if they would like a response from their prayer counselor. Kids have been amazed to discover that there really is a caring person on the other end of their request. The surprise comes    when they receive a response back.  We really care about you! That's the motto of  this prayer for teenagers website.  Prayer works, it is the appointed way that God has designed for us to obtain things in the earth.  I have kept a prayer journal before and have been amazed to look back and see that God had really answered many of my entries.  You will be amazed too  after you enter a request to see how much God really cares about youth, teens, kids and you. What an AWESOME God who loves teenagers a lot.
How The Vision Became Reality
The creation of this Christian prayer site for teens started with an idea from heaven. I  participated with our church street ministry team for three years. It was a regular adventure for us to visit the local movie theater on Friday evenings because hundreds of teenagers would gather and hang out on the downtown streets of my home town.  One  Friday night as I was witnessing to a young man, I recognized a thought that just came from no  where, "start a kids prayer 4 youth website."  For one year after I had the thought, God would occasionally remind me of the idea. So,  one night as I was online I decided to build my own website using this site builder  program. That was  less than three  years ago  and  today there are over 4300 who receive our daily devotions for teens. As  I began to create the vision, God gave me ideas about a Christian video section (we are presently working on removing this section), also direction to start writing daily bible lessons. Now this prayer site for teens has over 450 visitors a day and is increasing. If you have an idea, remember it is your responsibility to make the idea become reality. Faith with action attached to it is a living faith. This website is making a difference through prayer for youth, teens and teenagers around the world. Just think... it all began with one thought.
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We are approaching our 6th year  mark and the response to this teen,  prayer for  youth site has been amazing. I never knew there was such a hunger for  Christian devotions for teenagers in our youth around the world. Presently, there are over seven thousand youth leaders, parents, pastors, young boys and girls receiving our daily devotions.Revival in the USA  will be born through this generations commitment to press into the things of God.

The prayer for teens section of the site is getting more requests  from the girls than boys.  Many requests come from the  article on abuse that we have circulating online.

Prayer For Teens

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Here is a recent comment that was emailed to us. Thanks Matthew for sharing with us all.

"You know that video that you have? It's called "The End Times". I've been studying Revelation lately and the more I think about it, the more I realize that this is about as sinful as we could possibly get. The Rapture is closer than it has ever been. The more I look around me, the more I see how much the prophecies in the Bible match the things happening around me now. It could happen anytime now. It could happen in the next instant or in the next thousand years. Not even the angels know. That's why we need to start leading people to Christ now, because soon we'll all be gone and there will barely be anyone to lead people to Christ."
A Note From Lucy Ann With "Girl Talk Just For Girls"
Have you ever thought that no one understands what you are feeling? Being a teen-age girl today is very challenging. Well, now At GIRL TALK/ JUST FOR GIRLS you have a place to go where you can be encouraged in your walk with God. Lucy Ann will share with you issues of the heart, concerning girls, while discussing with you, God’s way of dealing with everyday life issues. Here you can read a short story for encouragement and have an opportunity to share your thoughts as well as request other topics for future discussion.
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Be blessed and know that here at PRAYER FOR YOUTH, you are loved and being prayed for everyday.

Praying  you feel God’s love today.